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Field Office Begins the Year with Fresh Reminder to Serve by Stepping In

GEMS field office in Bihar reopened its work in the New Year with a collective prayer of all departments in which the Lord’s promise and His expectations were shared.

The first working day of the GEMS field office at Sikaria, Bihar officially began with payer on 4th January 2018 held at the Conference Hall and was attended by all departments and field office missionaries. The service began with praise and worship led by Bro. Bell Shath (Revival Ministries Coordinator).

GEMS Executive Director Bro. T. Emerson shared his New Year greetings to the co-workers and thanked the Lord for His deep work in the hearts of all GEMS workers during the Annual Fasting Prayer. Reminding the team on the promise from Deuteronomy 26:19 he shared the necessity to prioritize Humility & Holiness.

He also encouraged the team to Step In whenever needed to achieve the overall vision & goal. He shared from the Bible how David (1 Samuel 17), Phinehas (Numbers 25) & the four lepers (2 Kings 6&7) stepped in during times of calamity & distress. Then he unlocked the components of Step In using the word as an acronym.
S– Set Yourself as a Role Model
            T – Team Work
            E – Equip Yourself Constantly
            P – Pray Unceasingly
            I – Increase Your Sphere of Influence
            N – Never Give up

Through this he encouraged everyone to look for an opportunity to step in throughout this year whenever crisis or difficult situation comes with an attitude of humility to help. The meeting came to a close as the people led in prayer of commitment.

Praythat everyone in & associated with GEMS will prioritize & practice humility and holiness. 
Pray that in this new year 2018 the Lord may use every GEMS worker and partner mightily for His glory and to fulfil His purposes. 
Praythat nations may be touched & transformed through its work and pave way for God’s kingdom to be established. 

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